95% Coverage - 99% Utilization - 3-year savings rate - 35 Reservation Products covered
Expert planning to understand your chargeback options, getting the best rate, and managing your commitment risks.
Never worry about the impacts of unknown future architectural changes on your reservation decisions.
Automate the grunt work of reservation workflow for approval, purchase, renewal, maintenance, and chargeback.
The only solution that advises, customizes, and automates multi-cloud FinOps best practices for your business and industry
  • Allocate 100% of cloud costs.
  • Early detection of budget variances and achievable savings.
  • Know your infrastructure margin, by customer.
  • Your application’s cloud costs and month-end invoice.
  • Understand the impact of actionable savings on your budget variance..
  • Track and reward your teams for optimizing.
  • Resource recommendations individualized to workload’s bottlenecks.
  • IaC with best practices built-in for easy adoption.
  • Automations and best practices for tagging governance.
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Dorin Rosca, Intelerad
“Cloudwiry has been a great partner and helped us focus our efforts on optimizing AWS costs. Thanks to the close collaboration, excellent tools, and expert guidance from Cloudwiry, we've increased the efficiency of AWS resource utilization while reducing the total AWS spendings.”

Dorin Rosca,

Director of Software Development, Intelerad
Rahul Subramaniam
“We tried other tools, but none were as effective as Cloudwiry’s in terms of expert advice and actionable automation in cloud optimization. We’ve come to rely on it for our core operations. Cloudwiry’s distributed cost governance enabled us to effectively rightsize our infrastructure and cut our 7 figure cloud spend in half”

Rahul Subramaniam,

Head of Innovation, ESW Capital
Timos Tsokanis
“We have been moving enterprise software workloads to AWS with an increased pace with over 100 new products in the last three years. We tried many other CMT tools, but none could handle the complexity of our finance and accounting needs while supporting our need to maximize our RI savings. Prior to engaging Cloudwiry, we needed to invest in building our own tools and automation. Cloudwiry simplified our infrastructure management, and their RI management improved our return on reserved instances by 32%”

Timos Tsokanis,

SVP of Engineering & Operations, at Aurea
Raheel Malick
“Cloudwiry has not only helped us optimize our AWS costs with cRI’s and Savings Plans, but their ability to adapt to new features makes them feel like a warm blanket that insulates us against all the changes in this landscape”

Raheel Malick, Foundation Member

FinOps Foundation, Technical Operations Manager, Alkami Technology
Savings Autopilot

Immediate savings, zero risk.


Get up to 90% discounts on Fargate, ASGs, CI/CD, containers, EMR and non prod workloads.

Cost Control

Customized to your internal processes and business needs.

Cost Reporting

Customized to your internal processes and business needs.

Rollout Rightsizing

Receive actionable rightsizing recommendations to optimize utilization of resources.

Simplified Tagging

Intelligent Tag analysis to find and fix any discrepancies and gaps.

Storage Savings

Decrease storage cost with smart storage tiering.

Eliminate Zombies

Identify and regroup unused assets.

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