Financial Engineering For Cloud

Decrease your cloud expenses as you maintain the best technology.

Automated expense management results in direct savings of up to 50%; avoiding a ton of manual work.

Maintain the latest cloud technology appropriate for your corporate needs, minimize waste within the scope of your IT strategy. You get a comprehensive view of your reservation usage on a daily basis. We identify the obsolete reservations that are not getting utilized and find a middle ground to either exchange or return the reservations to your cloud provider. Increase your RI coverage without increasing your liability.

The savings brought in by Financial Engineering are the easiest. We do not need any engineering or operation insights - IT teams can start or stop running instances as per their demand and Cloudwiry Savings Maximizer continually monitors the instances (VMs, SQL, Cache, NoSql) and licenses (Windows, Linux, RedHat) to provide you with maximum savings by purchasing an optimal mix of 1-year and 3-year reservations.

Set the guardrails

the coverage target, desired hedge, with advice from our experts.

Get 100% coverage

starting with a blend of 1 and 3-year savings instruments, as you transition to mostly 3-year savings instruments that give you double the savings.

Autopilot does the rest

performing purchase, exchange and true up operations for your reservations.

Automated cost governance model

integrated with your existing processes.

Zero impact

to the application, engineering or your operations.

Cost Hygiene Automation

Convenience on Cloud.

Make Savings a Habit.

You can log in to a product, use a number of spreadsheets to track all the cost hygiene maintenance work that needs to be done, or you can do it the smart way – automate to eliminate!

If individual teams can manage their cloud infrastructure hygiene, the savings flow up for the entire organization. Our core cost-hygiene products are integrated with Slack, Jira, and Email to provide actionable insights to the respective teams.

Find out what you could be saving

Our Recommendation Engine automatically identifies inefficiencies across your cloud landscape, calculates your potential savings, and provides detailed information on how to achieve those cost savings opportunities. We combine the best from your cloud provider’s recommendations with ours to identify inefficiencies across your cloud infrastructure, calculate your potential savings, and provide an integrated solution with Slack to reach out to the particular team to execute the recommendations. No other solution provides you with such a comprehensive road map to savings.

Automate to save on your cloud bill

The Automation Engine enables you to quickly and easily act upon the cost savings opportunities identified by our Recommendation Engine. Why write your own lambda script? Use our library of lambda automations to lower your cloud expenditure.

Daily Cost Variance & Anomaly Detection

Identify any increases or decreases in costs by the team, project, business unit along with spot, rightsizing, stopped instances, unused or over-provisioned assets. We provide IT managers with daily, weekly, and monthly views to analyze their cloud-cost variance on user defined parameters to identify any increase or decrease in costs by a team, project, business unit. Our integrated solution provides a mechanism to detail the resources which caused the change (New Asset, Deleted Asset, Fluctuation) and has Slack-integration to reach out to the specific team for the accountability of cloud cost changes.

Integration with Slack, Teams, Jira and Email

Get your cost & asset recommendations to all owners and teams responsible for the assets delivered to their Slack channel, via email or as a Jira ticket. Federated cost governance with centralized reporting.

Asset Cost Root Cause Analysis

With our Common Inventory research tool, cloud infrastructure managers can view their entire cloud inventory in one place. The service comes with search functionality to search inventory items, group them by tags, environment, product families, and other customizations. View accessories attached with a resource in addition to recommendations attached to each resource to save time, money, and follow the best security practices.

Chargeback and Showback Reporting

Crystal Clear Transparency.

A comprehensive cloud dashboard at a rational price.

We help you standardize bill vocabulary for your business needs. Our cost categories organize your assets by organizational hierarchy and identify which business unit/team/product is responsible for which assets.

Custom reports cater to your individual reporting and chargeback needs. You tell us what you need for financial reporting and we take care of the rest.

Use the dashboard to monitor your cloud usage and billing statements and visualize your spending trends over a period of time. The dashboards are highly customizable to group by key metrics you might be interested in (Subscription Name, Resource Groups, Meter Category, Region, Department, and others).

Receive comprehensive reports

with charge back & showback customized to your needs, serving your finance team’s needs for shared costs & savings distribution.

Understand your cloud usage

and billing statements to visualize spending trends and key metrics.

Follow your domain vocabulary

with tags and cost accountability, complete with cost categories.

Financial Reporting

Chargeback & show back customized to your needs.

Catalog your assets

according to your organizational hierarchy with a top level view of all business units, teams, products corresponding to each asset.

Standard Summary Dashboard views include:

  • Account summaries
  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Network
  • Custom Dashboard Views
  • Custom Charting
  • Filtering by Tags
  • Filtering by Teams
  • Team based Views
  • Historical Data Retention
  • Asset Dashboard
  • Notifications

Save up to 90%.

Run on Spot!

Spot Instances perform like any other EC2 instances while running and can be terminated when you no longer need them.

What’s good – Spot instances are available at a discount of up to 90% off compared to On-Demand pricing. For inherently fault tolerant workloads such as Fargate, Auto Scaling Groups, CI/CD, ECS, EKS, Kubernetes, EMR nodes, Sage Maker trainers and non production workloads, you can use Spot Instances to supplement your On-Demand Instances.

What’s not – Unlike the static and straightforward pricing models of on-demand and reserved instances, the market-driven mechanism for pricing spot instance service is dynamic and sophisticated. Spot instances are not for all types of workloads and implementation requires some tooling, and there’s a chance that your servers can be reclaimed.

Spot made risk-free! Cloudwiry’s Autopilot frees you from the costs and complexities of planning, purchasing, and maintaining your instances. We analyze long-term trends in supply and demand for EC2 spare capacity and you pay the Spot price that’s in effect at the beginning of each instance-hour for your running instance, billed to the nearest second.

Step 1 : Easy Identification

The setup takes less than an hour. Within a few minutes, our system realises your asset inventory and comes up with a detailed list of spot eligible workloads.

Step 2 : Sizing

We analyze your financial relationship with your cloud provider - taking into account existing reservations, reserved instances, savings plans, private pricing and discounts to identify the expected savings.

Step 3 : Enablement

We help train your team, provide updates to the launch templates and your infrastructure code, set up ongoing monitoring and reporting to enable ongoing savings.


Reduce costs, improve

development velocity and time

Serverless Modernization allows for an organization to implement a new paradigm bringing in more flexibility, agility, and in many cases, higher ROIs compared to traditional approaches. However, migration can be tricky and it’s difficult to estimate the investment effort to perform such a change. We take care of all the components involved - infrastructure, software complexity, training, productivity changes, and make the process systematic and easy.

Scale Automatically

For all sizes of workloads.

Faster Code Upgrades

Code upgrade process is usually done with zero downtime.

Security By Default

Attack vector is reduced considerably.