Serverless Modernization with AWS Lambda Just Got Cheaper!

cloudwiry Written by Team Cloudwiry

What’s amazing about AWS Lambda is that it lets us run code without provisioning or managing servers, and we pay only for what we use. Since it’s launch in 2014, we have been charged for the number of times our code is triggered (requests) and for the time our code executes, rounded up to the nearest 100ms (duration).

Starting today, AWS is rounding up the duration to the nearest millisecond with no minimum execution time.

AWS has reduced the billing granularity for Lambda function duration from 100ms down to 1ms. This will lower the price for most Lambda functions, more so for short duration functions. Their compute duration will be billed in 1ms increments instead of being rounded up to the nearest 100 ms increment per invoke. For example, a function that runs in 30ms on average used to be billed for 100ms. Now, it will be billed for 30ms resulting in a 70% drop in its duration spend.

This change will make functions that tend to have short durations even more cost-effective to run on Lambda.

A snapshot of the new console experience:

Image Courtesy: AWS

With this new pricing, you are going to pay less most of the time, but it’s going to be more noticeable when you have functions whose execution time is much lower than 100ms, such as low latency APIs.

Armed with this knowledge, as you are getting ready to learn how to unleash the full potential of serverless looking beyond current cost optimization initiatives, we are excited to share with you a 2-min demo video of Cloudwiry’s Modernization Hub:

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Modernization Hub provides you with smart insights to identify the highest ROI apps that are currently running on EC2 and guardrails to enable well-informed decision making – we are seeing our customers save around 91%.

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