Savings Maximizer

Maximize your AWS Savings with cRIs and Savings Plans

Savings Maximizer™ combines the simplicity of Savings Plans with the refinancing and term flexibility of cRIs to maximize savings while hedging the risk of reduced compute usage over the next 1-5 years. Our customers increase coverage to 90%+ delivering maximum savings. They also have the flexibility to reduce coverage and hourly commitment by 20%+, in a day. With Cloudwiry’s Savings Maximizer™ on AutoPilot™ your coverage is continuously adjusted to your organization’s changing needs, saving you both time and money,

Cloudwiry saves you time & money with our Savings on Autopilot including:

Chargebacks & Invoicing

Reporting for your organization’s sophisticated chargeback needs

Daily cost analysis

Daily trend analysis and anomaly detector. Promptly identify and mitigate any unexpected costs

Right sizing

Rightsize EC2, EBS, DBs consolidation, Instance Consolidation


Zombie Asset management

Cloud Orderly

Automated Governance and Compliance

With Savings Maximizer™ our customers are confident that they are achieving maximum savings today with an eye to the future with digital transformation of infrastructure with adoption of Lambda Function, Fargate, EKS, ECS and more.

Our customer Trilogy had been maintaining its AWS compute coverage at 66% to leave room for digital transformation that is currently underway. With Cloudwiry’s Savings Maximizer™, we were able to increase coverage to 90% with a combination of 3 year Savings Plans and convertible RIs (cRIs), resulting in a savings increase of 36.5% while having the flexibility to reduce coverage from 90% down to 60.

E.g. Your purchase plan to maximize savings and minimize risk would for the next 3 years could be:

  • 1
    Tranche 1: Jan 1st 2020: Purchase 3 year Compute Savings Plan for 50% coverage, 3 year cRIs for 20% coverage and 1 year cRIs for 20% coverage
  • 2
    Tranche 2: Jan 1st 2021: Purchase 10% coverage with 1 year Convertible Reserved Instance, additional 10% coverage by upsizing your 3 year convertible RIs from Tranche 1 to cover additional 10%, resulting in 90% coverage
  • 3
    Tranche 3: Jan 1st 2022: Upsize 3 year convertible Reserved Instance to provide coverage for additional 10%, Resulting in 90% coverage

With this approach, you will save up to 17.5% monthly while having the ability to refinance cRIs to reduce coverage by 25% on an average in any given month. Savings and refinance potential increase if you have existing cRIs with less than full term remaining or if your Compute usage is increasing.