Leverage Cloudwiry’s powerful automation platform as an MSP to deliver scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions to your customers.


Help enterprises find the right balance between agility and control, while improving unit economics and cost efficiencies.

Automated Cloud Financial Management - Automated cRI and Savings Plans management with commitment elasticity, Chargeback and Showback configured to enterprise needs and recommendations and cost anomalies automatically delivered directly to engineering teams & leadership.

Smart Serverless - Get financial insights to identify best workloads for Lambda & Containers based on usage and pricing tradeoffs. Identification and sizing of the right work loads for Serverless Databases to get the highest ROI in the shortest time.

Enterprise Spot - Up to 90% savings on Spot without the complexities of planning, purchasing and maintaining instances.

Elasticity in Reservation: Reservation hourly commitment automatically adjusts to increases and decreases in compute needs to maintain desired coverage levels, resulting in maximum savings with minimum risk.

Agile Innovation: Enterprises get to focus on the differentiated work they perform to deliver business outcomes and value without being aggressively restricted due to worries about spiraling costs.

Seamless Adoption: Integrates with enterprise customers’ existing processes.

6X Direct ROI in bill reduction & additional savings by avoiding a team of 7-15 FTEs that would be needed for manual cloud financial management.

Assured savings on cloud bill within 2 weeks of implementation.

  • 11% for well-optimized enterprises.
  • 23-37% for enterprises without an existing strong cost savings program.

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