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AWS savings with Convertible Reserved Instances

This webinar offers three perspectives on using Convertible Reserved Instances:

An Amazon Web Services cloud economics expert, the founder of a company that simplifies AWS financial planning and execution, and an early adopter of Convertible Reserved Instances.

Jarred Clore of Amazon Web Services goes over the value of Convertible Reserved Instances and demonstrates conversions through the AWS Console. He also discusses the complexity of daily exchanges.

Aditya Datta of Cloudwiry discusses how to optimize ROI for Convertible Reserved Instances within a defined budget. He explains the process of maximizing savings for workloads that can be covered by Convertible Reserved Instances and minimizing true-up costs for the exchanges. He demonstrates how to exchange multiple Convertible Reserved Instances with a single click. Finally, he also discusses top benefits of Convertible Reserved Instances, from taking advantage of price reductions and moving to new instance types.

Rick Rinewalt of Upland Software offers the perspective of an early adopter of Convertible Reserved Instances. He is Vice President of Cloud Operations at a company with dynamic workloads and seasonal needs. He presents a case study that resulted in ROI increases in the face of architecture changes, instance-family upgrades, & seasonal usage spikes.

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