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Increasing Savings and Mitigating Risks with Amazon EC2 Convertible Reserved Instances

Watch this video to learn about how to increase savings with Amazon EC2 Convertible Reserved Instances.

Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances offer an effective way to mitigate financial risk and control costs for Amazon Web Services users. This can help capture significant discounts and increase savings. Unfortunately, constantly improving technology and the evolving needs of your company can render committed Reserved Instances (RI) obsolete. This is where Cloudwiry comes in.

In order to determine the right coverage for you, Cloudwiry will minimize five major risks:

  • Cost and complexity of Reserved Instance conversions
  • Under-used and unused RIs
  • Low ROI with aging RIs
  • Seasonal needs for increase EC2, for example during holiday season
  • A decrease in future Amazon EC2 spending.

Cloudwiry finds out where we can apply RI dollars for the highest savings everyday, and automatically does the exchange and all on Autopilot! With Cloudwiry’s Autopilot Magic our customers enjoy peace of mind and some extra money.

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