Guardrails Vs. Gatekeepers

More agility or more control? Should you sacrifice one for the other?

Companies looking to accelerate their speed of innovation need to re-evaluate how they manage cost and usage. Learn how the better approach helps you reduce:

  • Cloud costs by 23%
  • Investment requirements for a Cloud Financial Management or FinOps team

The cloud brought a new procurement model, where engineers make infrastructure purchasing decisions in real-time. The time-to-market and the added-value of a company depend on their engineering department’s ability to run experiments for R&D and digital transformation.

The traditional approach for cost control has been gatekeepers - an approach which often introduces delays with the chain of approval. However, to stay competitive, business demands more agility. Engineering needs full flexibility to move at its rapid pace of innovation and modernization.

Do we want to empower our engineers to be able to deliver more? Or do we want a safe, more conservative approach?

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