To help prioritize one cost optimization recommendation over another, we sort every recommendation we make with our customers by the effort required to coordinate the resources and the amount of estimated potential savings that will be realized after implementation.


  • Monitor your GCP usage and billing statements, and visualize your spending trends over time.
  • Group by key metrics/labels, with highly customizable dashboards.
  • Predict your future costs with Dashboards Forecast, ensuring you are on track to meet the allocated budget for GCP.
  • Run different cloud providers at the same time in a single chart.


  • Get visibility into spike sources - incautious developers, or on-demand peaks.
  • Receive actionable insights with daily, weekly, and monthly views to analyze cloud-cost variance on user-defined parameters.
  • Identify any increase/decrease in costs by a team, project, business unit.
  • Get complete details on the resources which cause changes (New Asset, Deleted Asset, Fluctuation) along with Slack/Team-integration to reach out to specific teams for accountability of those changes.


  • Cloud infrastructure managers get to view their entire cloud inventory in one place with the Common Inventory.
  • CFOs and CTOs get the ability to search resources by tags, environment, product families, and other customizations.

Upcoming features:

  • Cloudwiry GCP Recommendations
  • Cloudwiry GCP Reservations
  • Cloudwiry GCP Rightsizing