Third party reservation management enhances your in-house capabilities resulting in additional savings for your business. A reservation management company leverages automation and has dedicated staff that adjusts your coverage and utilization multiple times a day. Your in-house team may not have the bandwidth or long-term experience to deliver similar results.

In this fireside chat we will walk you through how third party reservation management works and what makes it so powerful. Join Ahmed Galal and Dieter Matzion to learn in depth how to measure the success of third party reservation management and things to watch out for when using third party reservation management.

The conversation will cover the following:

  • What is 3rd Party Reservation Management?
  • What makes 3rd Party Reservation Management so powerful?
  • How does a 3rd Party manage our Reservations?
  • How do we measure success with 3rd Party Reservation Management?
  • What do we need to watch out for when a 3rd party manages our reservations?