Devfactory customer success story

The Customer

DevFactory offers software development and maintenance services at scale using manufacturing principles to improve quality and dramatically reduce software development costs for its customers.

The Problem

As a result of its rapid growth and customer acquisition, the company saw its annual AWS costs grow from $4M to over $10M. With the complexity of over 100 AWS accounts to manage, and cloud costs in an accelerated growth trajectory, increasing visibility into costs and optimizing cloud usage became critical. DevFactory evaluated several tools, all of which raised accuracy and performance concerns.

The Solution

Cloudwiry was engaged to implement DevFactory’s Center of Excellence for Cloud Optimization. With a strong emphasis on cost management, Cloudwiry’s CoE enabled DevFactory to reduce its annual AWS spend from $10.5M to $5.3M.

Using its robust team of experts and playbook tailored to address the company’s individual needs, Cloudwiry configured out-of-the-box dashboards to produce user-friendly spend reports with accurate details across DevFactory’s large portfolio of accounts with a click of a button. After a proof-of-concept involving a subset of AWS accounts yielded substantial savings, Cloudwiry kicked off a 3-month intensive cost reduction effort for all other accounts, with the aggressive goal of cutting DevFactory’s overall spend in half by the end of that period.

Cloudwiry’s actions and automations to rightsize instances and volumes, establish automations to eliminate waste, implement BYOL for Windows SQL Server, optimize uptime for non-production workloads, and consolidate databases, brought the desired 50% decrease in AWS costs without sacrificing performance.

The Outcome

Now with its CoE for Cloud Optimization in place, DevFactory no longer has to worry about cloud costs getting out of control, or performance suffering as its cloud infrastructure needs fluctuate over time. Cloudwiry’s centralized, continuous cost monitoring and cloud optimization services create peace of mind for the company’s Executive team, who can now focus on the core business knowing that their cloud infrastructure is in expert hands.

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