Demystifying Convertible RIs
Presented by:
Jarred Clore - A cloud economics pro from AWS
Aditya Datta - Founder and CEO of Cloudwiry
Rick Rinewalt - VP of Cloud Operations from Upland Software

Watch this webinar to learn about:

AWS insider tips:
  • Value of Convertible RIs
  • How to exchange RIs using AWS tools
  • Daily exchange pros and cons
Best practices for Convertible RI exchanges from Cloudwiry:
    • Optimizing ROI within a budget
    • Maximizing saving for workloads that can be covered by RIs
    • Performing RI exchanges with a single click
    • Minimizing exchange true-up costs
    • Benefits of Convertible RIs (such as price reductions and new instance types)
Perspective of a Convertible RI early adopter:
  • Perspective of an early adopter (with dynamic and seasonal workloads)
  • Use case (architecture changes and seasonal workloads)
Rick Rinewalt from Upland Software talks about how Cloudwiry has helped them save time and money.

Cloudwiry’s unique value proposition and white glove service abstracts the financial return on cRIs invested from the technical aspects of instances. This allows a CFO to ensure maximum return on dollars already committed to AWS without having to coordinate with the infrastructure team. Additionally the team at Cloudwiry provides a list of technical optimizations for review and execution by our AWS infrastructure team or even by Cloudwiry if appropriate.

Watch Jarred Clore from AWS talking about the value of Convertible RIs and how to exhange RIs using AWS tools.

Aditya Datta explains the best practises from Convertible RI exhanges from Cloudwiry.

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