CS Disco customer success story

The Customer

DISCO is a legal technology company that applies artificial intelligence and cloud computing to legal problems to help great lawyers and legal teams improve legal outcomes for their clients. Corporate legal departments, law firms, and government agencies around the world use DISCO as their ediscovery solution for compliance, disputes, and investigations.

The Problem

Convertible Reserved Instances have enabled CS Disco to rapidly implement new technology. CS Disco has been fortunate to experience rapid growth. CS Disco required a holistic solution to ensure cloud costs were kept under control while enabling engineers to continue developing revolutionary technology.

The Solution

With the confidence that their AWS implementation is now efficiently managed with the support of Cloudwiry, CS Disco has adopted a long-term investment in AWS, including a 3-year convertible Reserved Instance strategy.

The Outcome

Cloudwiry’s products and services have produced significant cost optimization for CS Disco, without any engineering or DevOps impacts. This is accomplished by a unique blend of right-sizing, zombie asset management, pragmatic governance, and financial reporting. CS Disco saves both time and money with Cloudwiry, freeing up resources to focus on other business priorities.

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