Cost Management

How to Value Standard Reserved Instance Contracts

Determining when and what type of Reserved Instances to purchase can be difficult. We present a framework here to help evaluate your options and make better decisions.
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Getting the most out of Convertible Reserved Instances (Cloudwiry)

Challenge: Increasing IT demand in the face of smaller budgets
Your highest IT budget priorities might be business processes, security, more customers, or bigger customers — but reducing IT costs remains a top priority. Meanwhile, ever-improving technology and the evolving…
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Cloudwiry AWS Optimization: 4 Ways to Leverage Standard Reserved Instances

What you need to know before you buy Standard Reserved Instances

Standard Reserved Instances are regarded as the #1 recommended quick fix for reducing your AWS EC2 bill. RI’s enable you to get substantial discount over on-demand prices while providing flexible spending…
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What to Expect: 4 Phases of Cloud Adoption

Cloudwiry has been reducing AWS costs for its customers for almost 5 years. This has provided us a unique vantage point on how users, both big and small, adapt to the dynamic nature of the cloud.Most AWS users experience 4 distinct phases of cost management once they have made the transition from…
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