Cloudwiry Dashboard for AWS

A comprehensive AWS dashboard at a rational price

Let’s be honest, everyone gets their data from AWS Cloudwatch and their billing statement, so why pay more than you want for a dashboard that gives you features you don’t need? If your spending $10mn in AWS, should you really have to pay $200K+ for your dashboard? Seems crazy to us. We can provide a comprehensive solution for a much lower price.

Our dashboard is all you need to monitor and understand your AWS usage and billing statements and visualize spending trends and key metrics.

Standard Summary Dashboard Views including:

  • Account summaries
  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Network
  • Custom Dashboard Views
  • Custom Charting
  • Filtering by Tags
  • Filtering by Teams
  • Team based Views
  • Historical Data Retention
  • Asset Dashboard
  • Notifications

Quickly identify spending trends

Build your own custom views

Customize any chart