5 Habits of successful Cloud Cost on a diet

Written by Aditya Datta

Doing Cost Savings in your infrastructure is similar to being on a diet. Typically, there are two ways to do it:

  • Use presumptive out of the box diet like calorie restriction
  • Include habits and procedures that work for you and adapt the diet to your needs

We know the former will end up most probably with the rebound-effect and often does not work. A consistent approach to get rid of a few extra “pounds” is needed and comprises a number of habits that are setup to your needs:

Companies often fall in the trap of purchasing expensive coloring books (dashboards) for managing their costs. This, while pretty, does not scale or adapt to large enterprises’ unique needs. To solve complex organizational behaviour change, an organization should be set up for success as the needs of the airline industry are very different from someone selling bananas.

Cloud cost management needs to map to your business and organizational needs and hierarchy. You can then lay the groundwork for long term success:

  • Standardize vocabulary for business needs in billing and asset data
    • – Tag management to identify
  • Cost Responsibility Matrix – Org hierarchy
    • – Identifying ownership, teams for each business unit’s cloud costs
  • Setting up reporting shared costs distribution per your financial needs – RIs, SPs and Shared Services
  • Standardize incoming billing files from multiple master accounts and cloud providers
  • Integration with Slack, Jira, ServiceNow to enable daily, weekly cost and asset check ins and accountability

If you are interested in discussing more, drop me a note at hello@cloudwiry.com and I would be happy to share our experience with you.