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Aurea Case study: 33% savings on RIs

Timos Tsokanis, SVP of Engineering & Operations at Aurea

"We have been moving enterprise software workloads to AWS with an increased pace with over 100 new products in the last three years. We tried many other CMT tools, but none could handle the complexity of our finance and accounting needs while supporting our need to maximize our RI savings. Prior to engaging Cloudwiry, we needed to invest in building our own tools and automation. Cloudwiry simplified our infrastructure management, and their RI management improved our return on reserved instances by 32%"

Timos Tsokanis, SVP of Engineering & Operations at Aurea
The Customer

Aurea was founded with the singular vision of helping businesses succeed in today’s complex digital landscape. To achieve that goal, the company does things differently. Its customers enjoy access to every product in its portfolio — all cloud-based, enterprise-scale, and easy to use — with one simple subscription. Aurea focuses on relationships instead of transactions. And its unique AureaOne operating model and acquisition strategy ensure its portfolio continues to grow, so it can continue to provide competitive advantage and differentiated results for customers, no matter what the future holds.

The Problem

Due to Aurea finance and accounting needs, the company must allocate its AWS expense, credits, and RI expenses per line of business. Due to forecasting needs, it must plan for the future based on different seasonalities that exist in our business.

Aurea infrastructure includes a massive quantity and variety of EC2 instance types. The company must constantly monitor and exchange its Convertible RIs, and the complex process requires it to build in-house tools and allocate limited DevOps resources.

The Solution

With the company’s rapid growth, its AWS needs and expense grows accordingly. It was using another CMT, struggling to implement the tools. Every action required many clicks, and the team found enough issues that they needed to cross-check every recommendation. Cloudwiry’s platinum support enabled them to simplify management of the company’s Reserved Instances.

The tool makes it simple to find and recoup unused dollars — free capital — with just a few button clicks for 33% RI savings. Aurea spends multiple millions of dollars per year on RIs, so this resulted in significant savings that caught the attention of the CEO.

Aurea’s business is organized into 25 business units, and it rapidly and regularly adds new organizations. The Cloudwiry solution enables the company to track expenses and allocate them to each business unit at a granular level.

The Outcome

The capital recaptured using Cloudwiry pays for Cloudwiry services many times over. At the same time, work required from the DevOps team members was reduced significantly and human mistakes were eliminated.