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Alterian Case study: 35% Reduction in AWS bill

Bob Hale, CEO Alterian

“As we moved new lines of business to Amazon from data centers, our company saw its AWS bills more than triple in 6 months. With limited bandwidth to dedicate to cost optimization, hiring Cloudwiry was a no-brainer. As a result of their advice and automation, we’ve cut our projected spend by half. Thanks, Cloudwiry!”

Bob Hale, CEO Alterian
The Customer

Alterian consolidates customer data, campaign management, and email marketing efforts in a single platform to help marketers send the right message no matter where and when an interaction occurs.

The Problem

As it gradually moved new lines of business to Amazon from data centers, the company experienced an increase in AWS spend from $100K to $350K in 6 months. The core technical team was intensely focused on business-centric tasks, with limited bandwidth to dedicate to cost optimization. With cloud spend projected to exceed $1.2M by end of the year, Alterian engaged Cloudwiry’s Managed Center of Excellence to help bring costs under control.

The Solution

Cloudwiry’s Fully Managed Center of Excellence made it easy to optimize RIs, compute & storage sizing, and uptime for all non-production workloads. Along with providing expert advice on many aspects of AWS that are essential for Alterian’s business, Cloudwiry promptly created new automations that helped improve customer experience by automatically sizing the company’s infrastructure in response to seasonal variations in workload.

The Outcome

As a result of the new automations and adjustments in RI allocation and network infrastructure, Alterian is saving 35% on its AWS bill, and the slope of the cost trendline has considerably flattened, with the year-end ROI yielding a 3X return just considering cost savings.