CVisor: Your trusted cloud financial advisor to maximize savings and minimize risk

We used to scramble whenever AWS announced a change that could impact our costs; spending hours trying figure out how to maximize our investments. Cloudwiry has not only helped us optimize our AWS costs with cRI’s and Savings Plans, but their ability to adapt to new features makes them feel like warm blanket that insulates us against all the changes in this landscape.

Raheel Malik,
Foundation Member, FinOps Foundation
Technical Operations Manager, Alkami Technology
The growing list of Savings Instruments in AWS offer a great opportunity to balance savings and risk while planning for the future. Cloudwiry’s C-Visor enables our clients to do cloud financial planning for the next 1 to 5 years, incorporating their digital transformation goals into financial planning, along with maximizing their savings and hedging risks. Use C-Visor to purchase and manage your AWS Savings Instruments for a sophisticated organizational structure and chargeback models.

C-Visor enables you to:

  • Simplify purchase and management of Savings Plans & RIs
  • Accelerate adoption of Savings Plans
  • Gain Full Visibility and analyse how Savings Instruments work for your financial accounting needs
  • Model all Savings Instruments for maximizing savings & hedging term & hourly commitment
  • Purchase & maintain coverage in individual accounts using Savings Plans & other Savings Instruments
  • Easily integrate with Savings Maximizer to purchase, manage & maintain your Savings Instruments configured to your priorities

Purchase planning for the next 1-5 years for RIs & Savings Plans requires balancing various tradeoffs to find the right answer for your specific needs (See chart below). Cloudwiry does detailed analysis of your needs & trends to ensure maximum savings with minimum risk.

By combining detailed analysis of historical data with your plans for the future, you will have the confidence that your AWS costs are fully optimized by Cloudwiry’s AutoPilot even as you compute coverage needs due to:
  • Digital transformation and PaaS & Serverless migration
  • OS Changes (Windows to Linux moves)
  • Rightsizing
  • Regional workload shift impact
  • Instance family changes
  • Economic cycle impact
  • Seasonality impact

Each of the AWS Savings Plans have relative strengths to maximize savings and hedge the risk of uncertainty. Our handy-dandy chart :

Cloudwiry’s savings maximizer does all the work, enabling you to get maximum savings with the lowest risk. With seamless integration with our suite of products to enable Cost Management on Autopilot, you save time & money.