Cloudwiry Solutions for Azure

We at Cloudwiry have been analyzing the pain-points associated with customers using Azure and have come up with a comprehensive set of solutions that are highly customizable and customer-focused to save clients’ time and money when managing their cloud infrastructure on Azure.

The Cloudwiry Solutions cater to three areas –

  1. On-going cost hygiene maintenance – Insights delivered to team’s inbox with central reporting
  2. Financial Engineering – Set the guardrails and Autopilot does the rest
  3. Financial Reporting – Chargeback & show back customized to your needs
On-going cost hygiene maintenance – Insights delivered to team’s inbox with central reporting

At Cloudwiry, we follow a bottom-up approach, where we believe that if individual teams can manage their cloud infrastructure hygiene, the savings flow up for the entire organization. Our core cost-hygiene products are integrated with Slack, Jira, and Email to provide actionable insights to the respective teams.

Cloudwiry Recommendations Engine

The Cloudwiry Recommendations Engine combines the best of both worlds from Azure Advisor recommendations and Cloudwiry’s recommendations to identify inefficiencies across your cloud infrastructure, calculate your potential savings, and provide an integrated solution with Slack to reach out to the particular team to execute the recommendations.

Cloudwiry custom recommendations:

Asset Cost Root Cause Analysis with an inventory research tool

With Cloudwiry’s Common Inventory, cloud infrastructure managers can view their entire cloud inventory in one place. The service comes with search functionality to search inventory items, group them by tags, environment, product families, and other customizations. Cloudwiry’s custom solution enables you to view accessories attached with a resource in addition to recommendations attached to each resource to save time, money, and follow the best security practices.

Inventory Details:

Cloudwiry Variance and Anomaly Detection

Cloudwiry Variance and Anomaly Detection provides IT managers with a daily, weekly, and monthly view to analyze their cloud-cost variance on user defined parameters (for example – Meter Category and Meter Sub-Category levels, tags, etc) to identify any increase/decrease in costs by a team, project, business unit. Our integrated solution provides a mechanism to detail the resources which caused the change(New Asset, Deleted Asset, Fluctuation) and has Slack-integration to reach out to the specific team for the accountability of cloud cost changes.

Variance Details:

Financial Engineering – Set the guardrails and Autopilot does the rest

The savings by Financial Engineering are the easiest savings since we at Cloudwiry do not need any engineering or operation insights. IT teams can start or stop running instances as per their demand and our Cloudwiry Savings Management will continually monitor the instances(VMs, SQL, Cache, NoSql, etc), licenses (Windows, Linux, RedHat), to provide clients maximum savings by purchasing Optimal mix of 1-year and 3-year reservations.

Cloudwiry Savings Management

Cloudwiry’s reservation management analyses the Reservations that are currently purchased in your organizations to give a comprehensive view of reservation usage on a daily basis. We identify the obsolete Reservations that are not getting utilized and find a middle ground to either exchange the reservations or return the reservations to Azure (currently, Azure does not charge for canceling reservations but this can change later to 12% of the reservation commitment up to 50k$ on a yearly rollover). With Cloudwiry’s Reservation Management Autopilot, you can rest assured to get the maximum savings from your commitments.

Saving Management Details:

Financial Reporting – Chargeback & show back customized to your needs

Via Financial Reporting, we at Cloudwiry can help you standardize bill vocabulary for your business needs. Our cost categories can help organize your assets by org hierarchy and identify which bu/team/product is responsible for which assets.

Cloudwiry Dashboards

Cloudwiry Dashboards are all you need to monitor your Azure usage and billing statements and visualize your spending trends over a period of time. The dashboards are highly customizable to group by key metrics you might be interested in (Subscription Name, Resource Groups, Meter Category, Region, Department, and others).

Customizable Charts:

Cloudwiry Custom Reports

Cloudwiry Custom Reports can cater to your individual reporting and chargeback needs. You let us know the reports you need for financial reporting and we take care of the rest.