Straightforward shared role based access using AWS Well-Architected framework. Onboarding is simple - CUR file and Cloudwatch metrics-based integrations. We enable scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions with:


RI Maximizer

Easy, quick savings without any engineering or operation insights from your end.

  • Start or stop running instances as per your demand and Cloudwiry’s Convertible RI Management continually maintains reservations for instances that provide the most savings.
  • Completely autopilot-driven cRI Management to help you track your exchanges/RI Utilization on the RI Tracker portal.
  • Get the maximum savings from your commitments, with the Reservation Management Autopilot.
  • Autopilot reaches a target utilization percentage (the number of hours a reservation is used) and stays at that level for the rest of the commitment period - 1 year or 3 years.


  • In case of an overcommitment on the cost of Reserved Instances, reduce the monthly payment by extending the amortization period and reducing the commitment on the number of RIs required.
  • Reduce the monthly commitment of RIs and also get rid of underutilized RIs.
  • Increase savings by extending the duration of the contract.

Savings Plans

Savings Plans work for EC2 as well but they are less flexible than Convertible Reserved Instances. Get the best of both worlds with a strategic mix of Savings Plans and cRIs.

  • Get optimal coverage on Savings Plans for serverless services such as Lambda, Fargate, and EC2 instances.
  • We analyze the RIs already in your account and provide you with an optimal commitment number that delivers maximum savings.


Get the best of both worlds from Azure Advisor recommendations and Cloudwiry’s recommendations to identify inefficiencies across your cloud infrastructure, calculate your potential savings, with Slack to reach out to any particular team to execute the recommendations.

  • Monitor your usage and billing statements, and visualize your spending trends over time.
  • Group by key metrics/tags, with highly customizable dashboards.
  • Predict your future costs with Dashboards Forecast, ensuring you are on track to meet the allocated budget.
  • Run different cloud providers at the same time in a single chart.


  • Get customized automated reports catering to your individual reporting and RI chargeback needs.
  • Get tailored reports for financial teams or charging individual departments.
  • Fast, single step download.


  • Get visibility into spike sources - incautious developers, or on-demand peals.
  • Receive actionable insights with daily, weekly, and monthly views to analyze cloud-cost variance on user-defined parameters (Meter Category, Tags, Region, Subscriptions).
  • Identify any increase/decrease in costs by a team, project, business unit.
  • Get complete details on the resources which cause changes (New Asset, Deleted Asset, Fluctuation) along with Slack-integration to reach out to specific teams for accountability of those changes.


Identify inefficiencies across your cloud infrastructure, calculate your potential savings, with Slack to reach out to any particular team to execute the recommendations

  • Rightsize underutilized resources - Volume optimization, Instance optimization, RDS zero connections, zero IOPS, Redshift optimization, etc.
  • Eliminate cloud waste - Stopped Instances, Unused ElasticIPs, Unused NATs, Unattached Volumes, etc.
  • Enhance your cloud security by highlighting security breaches such as disabled MFAs, public S3 buckets, and public DB instances.


  • Make rightsizing an ongoing process within your organization. Easily pick instance families that most closely match the CPU and memory needs of your workload.
  • Get intelligent rightsizing insights for:
  • Instances
  • MariaDB, MySQL, Cosmos DB, and PostgreSQL servers
  • Redis Cache zero connections
  • Disks - SSD, HDD
  • Blobs - Hot, cool, archive


  • Use the Cloudwiry Automation Engine to perform actions on the recommendations during non-business hours or weekends.
  • Create an automation that takes care of executing the recommendations at a fixed schedule.


  • Asset Cost Root Cause Analysis with an Inventory Research Tool.
  • Cloud infrastructure managers get to view their entire cloud inventory in one place with the Common Inventory.
  • CFOs and CTOs get the ability to search resources by tags, environment, product families, and other customizations.


  • Cloudwiry’s Autopilot frees you from the costs and complexities of planning, purchasing, and maintaining your instances.
  • We analyze long-term trends in supply and demand for EC2 spare capacity and you pay the Spot price that’s in effect at the beginning of each instance-hour for your running instance.
  • Our calculators take into account existing reservations, reserved instances, savings plans, private pricing, and discounts to identify the expected savings.


Tagging is a necessary requirement for cost hygiene, but it is complicated to have all the employees in the organization use the same guides and rules.

  • Consolidate Tag Names (Environment, Env) and values permitted for each tag name.
  • Distribute the costs across teams.


Get maximum ROI for your digital modernization goals. Identify apps that will yield the highest savings and require the lowest amount of effort to upgrade.

  • Why should you switch?
  • The reduced total cost of ownership for the organization.
  • Automatic scaling with demand.
  • Eliminates the need to maintain the servers.
  • Pay only when you are using the resources and reduce server costs by 70-90%, with an additional discount when you reserve them.