Alkami customer success story

The Customer

Alkami Technology is a leading cloud-based digital banking solutions provider for U.S.-based banks and credit unions. Alkami’s technology enables clients to personalize the digital banking experience for their consumers and businesses and build a thriving and engaged digital community.

The Problem

After migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Alkami wanted to get the most from their hosting investment while improving internal finance efficiencies. They also wanted to convert their Windows-based workloads to cloud-native technologies, which required a R&D investment. The financial operations team was expending significant resources producing key reports needed for their business.

The Solution

Alkami partnered with Cloudwiry to help optimize costs and accelerate the conversion process to cloud native. Cloudwiry’s automated financial reporting functions have replaced the resource-exhausting methods that were taxing Alkami’s system and resources.

The Outcome

In just their first month of leveraging Cloudwiry’s services, Alkami has increased their savings 15x using convertible reserved instances. Cloudwiry’s unique RI capabilities enabled Alkami to commit to 95%+ coverage for a 3-year convertible Reserved Instances plan, exclusively operating within AWS. Cloudwiry has provided a valuable solution to Alkami’s ongoing budget management, resulting in fast-paced migration into AWS. Alkami is now focused on long-term AWS financial R&D planning, and its financial operations team now has the bandwidth to work toward long-term cloud economics goals.

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