How do we do it better? We're wired that way

All great companies start with a problem. For us, there were two - wastage and inefficiency. Organizations often do not run with the level of efficiency that they potentially can and if things are done right, productivity improvement can be pretty substantial.

Cloudwiry was founded in 2016 with the intention of doing things the smarter way - to automate the boring and letting innovation be rightfully at the center. We started with cloud cost management and quickly realized that the amount of money to be saved is quite significant and that this is not a one-time problem to be solved, it's an ongoing one. We understood the immediate need in the industry for automated financial management and quality cost insights.

We help you make smart decisions

There is highly advanced technology continuously being made available, for everyone to be doing things better. There's no reason anyone shouldn't be leveraging the massive scale of cloud. What companies need is to strike a balance between today's needs and the growth edge of the industry.

For companies moving to the cloud, we save money by plugging into their migration processes, and tracking them thoroughly, so if a new opportunity or a cloud product comes up, they get immediate benefits, and ensure the migration happens in a responsible manner with all health-checks in place. We make sure when companies make architectural decisions for digital transformation, they have crisp, clean insights into the target costs, and visibility into the right platform for them, given their utilization patterns.

For companies already in the cloud, we help them adopt cloud native services in a fiscally smart manner and bring it all under their control with high visibility and smart automation, in addition to upgrading their architecture to what is the current bleeding edge.

We help companies promptly save cash, which they can go repurpose in other areas, and focus on making great products that we enjoy using. Fundamentally, everything we do results in savings of time and money.

Who we are

Enabling entrepreneurs, solving customer problems.
For our customers, we are a trusted partner that saves them time and money. For our team, we enable entrepreneurship in every individual - whatever they choose to do, wherever they choose to do it from. There is no limit to growth coupled with full flexibility and freedom to work from any place on Earth.

There's a lot that goes into building a culture and we keep it simple - work on what drives you and solve real problems alongside some of the smartest people in the business. It's real every step of the way.

We believe that everyone should be able to have an impact on their terms on the way they want to live their life. Doing what you love doing, doing it as you want to, in the most time efficient manner is what we enjoy the most and that's the kind of folks Cloudwiry tends to attract. Complete autonomy with rapid growth.

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