400 legacy apps analyzed, $19.3 Million/year savings for an F500 customer

Written by Francisco Gimeno

Our F500 customer with over 400 legacy apps undertook modernization migration and needed to identify the lowest TCO option for each application with a detailed analysis of all choices. They had a number of legacy applications with interdependencies and had a multi-tier architecture such as web, compute, and database.

Customer Requirements:

  • Cost sizing future state hosting costs.
  • Complexity and effort sizing the migration. 
  • Automated process to prioritize apps to migrate. 

 Cloudwiry’s Modernization Hub systematically:

  1. Auto-Identified and categorized current assets and costs for each application.
  2. Sized the current infrastructure costs for each application.
  3. Sized migration complexity and infrastructure costs for compute options – Lambda, RightSizing EC2, EKS/ECS on Fargate or Graviton2, with Spot Instances or not.
  4. Sized complexity and infrastructure savings for managed database options – Aurora, Redshift, Athena, and identify blob and audit log tables that represent the highest ROI for migration to modern technologies such as S3 and Athena. 
  5. Enabled template-based quick start with CloudFormation & Terraform IaC incorporating AWS Well-Architected Framework for the selected architecture.

After the initial phase, the Modernization Hub identified the top ten applications, their potential savings, and the overall complexity score for the effort. The lower the complexity, the easier it is to modernize.

Application Id Total Original Costs Total Predicted Savings Overall Complexity Score
APP00155257 $116,103.42 $87,077.56 850.7
APP00028324 $67,205.20 $59,213.56 674.5
APP00028830 $65,717.47 $46,061.94 654.5
APP00022837 $58,542.26 $42,150.43 407.4
APP00806905 $62,621.37 $35,794.39 128.5
APP00024051 $27,340.55 $24,333.09 250.4
APP00026380 $27,547.88 $21,762.82 249.8
APP00021796 $28,901.04 $20,678.07 319.1
APP00223916 $26,101.47 $20,098.13 694.8
APP00029876 $28,267.40 $19,787.18 930.7

Let’s take a look at the application “APP00806905” in depth for compute and database options. Cloudwiry App Modernization Hub calculated current and future state costs for both compute and database: 


EKS running on a Graviton2 with Spot nodes was the lowest TCO option based on Elasticity, the cheapest option, and had a low complexity for migration.  Also, based on Cloudwiry Elasticity ScoreTM calculation, Spot provided the lowest TCO for modernization with high savings.


This application contained multiple instances of SQL Server, Aurora MySQL, Aurora Postgres (63 instances in total). The Modernization Hub simulated several options, such as moving from SQL Server to Babelfish, all the flavors of Aurora, including the growing/shrinking Aurora Serverless based on the performance metrics. In this case, Aurora right-sized was the lowest TCO approach.

The Clear Advantage

Modernization and cost optimization of monolithic apps yield flexibility, agility, and often, higher Return on Investment (ROI). Doing this at scale is a complex undertaking where the application profile and business priorities have to be taken into consideration to identify the right approach.

Cloudwiry’s Modernization Hub provides the key financial insights necessary to make the architectural decisions and templatized phased approach has resulted in successfully realizing the benefits of modernization at scale.

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